cAos Linux


Red Hat's move toward the "pay for support and updates" RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) has left many users wondering what to do. Those who can't or won't pay for Free Software are left with the The Fedora Project or the other distibutions such as SuSE ( now owned Novell), Mandrake, Debian, Gentoo, and so forth. While all of these are viable alternatives, and Debian and Gentoo each have particular interest and strengths, there is still a hole left in people's minds. cAos aims to fill that hole.

Per the web site:

cAos is a Linux distribution created by the community, for the community. The purpose is to provide a stable Linux solution for organizations and individuals that do not need or want to purchase their Linux solution. The kernel and almost every application that makes up a Linux distribution are free and supported by their respective development groups. cAos is simply a project that allows them to integrate together into a usable product. This distribution is focused on becoming an enterprise level community produced solution.


See the cAosity web site for details.

  • cAos-1 Red Hat 7.3 and RHEL based core with add-on packages.
  • CentOS-2 a 100% compatible rebuild of RHEL 2 in full compliance with RedHat's redistribution requirements.
  • CentOS-3 a 100% compatible rebuild of RHEL 3 in full compliance with RedHat's redistribution requirements.
  • Cinch the cAos installer.
  • cAosity Mailing Lists low volume and current.
  • Documentation.
  • Bugzilla.