Multiple Netware OS's on one Machine

From TONY_NOCCO {at} novell {dot} com Mon Apr 21 19:35:18 1997
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 13:21:44 -0700
From: Tony Nocco <TONY_NOCCO {at} novell {dot} com>
To: vossenjp {at} netaxs {dot} com
Subject: Multiple OS's on one Machine


  1. Set up one NetWare partition on the disk e.g. 400Mb, leave 40Mb on C drive.
  2. Install NetWare 3.11 in C:\SERVER.311 and SYS volume 100Mb.
  3. Create volume SYS311 & SYS312 100Mb each.
  4. Copy everything from SYS (currently NW3.11) to SYS311 volume.
  5. Load NW3.12 on the SYS volume, use C:\SERVER.312 for SERVER.EXE etc.
  6. Copy everything from SYS vol to SYS312.
  7. Load NW 4.1 in C:\NWSERVER and SYS volume.
  8. Create Volume SYS410 enable Sub-alloc and File compression.
  9. Copy everything to SYS410. Do not enable compression or sub-alloc on any other volumes (SYS311 or SYS312).
  10. Once NW4.1 is loaded using install/volumes rename SYS to SYSNORMAL and rename SYS311 to SYS, down and load SERVER.EXE from c:\server.311. You have NW 3.11
  11. For NW 3.12 ren SYS to SYS311 and rename SYS312 to SYS, down and load server.exe from c:\server.312.
  12. For NW 4.1 rename SYS to SYS312 and rename SYS410 to SYS, down and load server.exe from C:\nwserver.